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NIOS DELED 506 Assignment

NIOS DELED 506 Assignment

Course – 506 : Understanding children in inclusive context

Block 1: Child Growth and Development: Basics
Block 2: Personality Development of Children
Block 3: Inclusive Education
Block 4: Girl Child and Child Right


Understanding Children in Inclusive Context

Max. Marks 30


Note: Answer the following questions in about 500 words.

1.Explain various dimensions of development. Discuss the role of family, teacher and media in growth and development of a child?


   Write reasons, why it is important to know the relative role of heredity and environment for a teacher?

2. Do you feel gender discrimination exists in our society? Justify your answer with suitable examples.


   Discuss the role of family, media and teachers in creating gender fair society.


Note: Answer the following questions in about 500 words.

1.Describe various techniques of classroom motivation with suitable examples.


What are thinking skills? Discuss the role of a family, school and teacher in developing thinking skills in a child.

2. Define concept of creativity. How will you develop teaching learning material for fostering creativity? Discuss the role of ICT in fostering creativity.


Explain which strategies you will adopt for developing creativity and why? How will you assess the creativity?


Note: Answer the following question in about 1000 words.

1. Observe a school and prepare a detail report on various factors for exclusion on prominent groups of children who are at risk for exclusion from education system. Write suggestive measures for inclusion of these groups.


Visit any two schools in your neighborhood. Prepare a report on provisions made for inclusive schools by the government through observation. Draw conclusions and give suggestions for improvement.

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